The Curious Tale of Mr. Spectacles

Recycled. One of my favorite memoirs about breaking down preconceived notions and understanding and appreciating the complexities and differences of the human condition. A memoir about developing a friendship in the unlikeliest of places.

Rose-Colored Lenses

The closer we get to moving, the more I have been trying to get outside every morning for a long walk. It’s a divine experience, like the closing of a powerful novel with a final chapter that nearly takes my breath away; the various shades of green and color amongst the scent of a newly blossomed springtime screams with intensity.


I haven't always looked at this scenery with gratitude.

There are things that I didn’t always like about our house, the neighborhood, our zoned schools, or, at times, even our neighbors. I have done my fair share of complaining.

Oftentimes, I was open and loud in sharing my thoughts, especially when it came to things like a neighbor getting upset when our giant mess of a golden retriever got out of a door carelessly left open several times a day; he would happily bulldoze through the lawns playfully while I would chase him…

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