The air is thick in Pollyanna. There are crazy people everywhere, and I’m one of them. Each time we go through another dramatic episode of The White House, the entire country turns to complete shit. Certainly we are close to the season finale; things are tense and the cliffhangers are starting to give me the creeps. Plus, we can’t talk to anyone about what’s going on anymore. It means the end of friendships and rocky family relations.

     I don’t want to imagine that Nazi Germany can happen again, but then I’m reminded of all the ways Mr. T has the same personality as Hitler, and I hope that it’s just a passing thought of insanity. Certainly a guy like Hitler doesn’t slip between the cracks of democracy right into the White House, right? (insert nervous laughing)

     People are talking about Border children being sent all over the United States without their families. But it’s all okay, they say. Because Obama did it before him, they say. And it’s the Democrats’ fault anyway. Each big new tragedy gets a little more morally corrupt, and we are slowly numbing ourselves so that we aren’t noticing how we’re changing. That’s what scares me more than anything. Who will be left to trust? The instability in Washington in general makes me feel like the entire country has gotten ridiculously stupid. Maybe our country has run out of people qualified to be the CEO of the United States. What a bummer!

     I may literally go insane through the duration of 45 if I don’t make yoga my religion and possibly become a Lutheran. Things are getting pretty damn serious ’bout now. I’m over it.

     In keeping with my mantra of seeing the good in everyone (sigh), I’m trying really hard to see my community and my country in the best possible light. Today when I went to the grocery, it felt a little more like an ordinary trip instead of an episode of The Twilight Zone, or a Stephen King film.

     If Huckabee’s Ghost Town Revival wasn’t right down the street, I might feel better. I have found that it’s best to be as far removed as possible from the really spooky things that go on. It’s hard to avoid when it’s in your backyard. People sneer, I think. They huff and don’t worry about it. There’s separation of church and state. The problem with Mr. T is that he blurs the lines drastically. There is something very wrong with the Press Secretary’s televangelist father hosting a show on a Christian broadcast network that is basically a giant love fest for our President. It’s gross. Disgusting. Not even remotely surprising.

     There’s right and then not right. What point do we get to before we agree that enough is enough? I don’t believe there’s a barrier anymore. It makes me sad for our country to think that we have become this far removed.

     Watch this entire clip of the opening to The Huckabee Show. Trinity Broadcasting Network has offices all over the United States, in London, and in Jerusalem. The KKK did this, so did Hitler. I don’t believe Jesus would agree, but maybe he’s gotten chopped on the cutting board so much that he’s unrecognizable. Does anyone in this town who allows our president to get away with being a racist understand the scope of how that makes them look to the rest of the world? Guess what? It makes them look like a racist as well.  Do any of these Bible thumpers who give Mr. T excuses even realize that Jesus wasn’t white either? Stop crucifying the Christ you worship on Sunday by means of turning a blind eye to what our president is doing. As a fellow Christian, I take it personally.


     What do you think? WWJD? I think he would turn over the tables. He would be furious!  Blindly following the Pharisees won’t win us any favors in Heaven. Christians of all people should be able to connect these dots. What’s incredibly disheartening is that, here in the Bible Belt, people don’t see the hypocrisy in any of this. Pastors must be too worried they will lose their congregation. People must be worried they will lose friends. I’ll hang out over here with people who choose integrity. This show (all of this) is WRONG! This isn’t about facts. This is Mr. T using a Christian television network to propagate to the Christian evangelical majority. It’s incredibly dangerous. Skip to 3:40 if you don’t want to watch the entire thing.