Christians will pray, but the time has never been more ripe to pull our heads out of our bibles, and to start living HIS Word.

Photo credit: Portland Press Herald

I’ll keep this brief.

Pipe bombs. 5,000 refugees barrelling towards our Border. Scary. Now Nashville is running headlines about MS-13 putting down roots in our own city.

When we’ve been told not to trust the media, our government, and start putting our faith into a president who sides with communist regimes.

“It’s the coming of Christ!” we preach from our pulpits here in the Bible Belt. Believe it, we do, from our pews.

But do you know how long Christ has been coming? Since Creation. And it hasn’t since let us off the hook, while we blindly gaze towards the Heavens while ignoring the beggars at our feet.

Christians have stayed in our own protective bubbles (*ahem, privilege) for too long.

We have a duty – a shared calling – to be real with God and then ourselves.

Yet, a MAGA Christian will wave his Trump flag from the side of his double wide, off the side of some gravel, country road, with a 3rd grade education and no desire to further it. Close-minded. Unable to think critically. Feeling disenfranchised when his factory lays him off. The world progresses (as worlds often do, despite our efforts to stop it) beyond his skill set, and he looks for a father figure not in Heaven, but in a fascist government that will hold a Bible in one hand and a Nazi flag in the other.

Sound insane?

Drive out through old, narrow, two-lane, county roads beyond the suburbs of Nashville. You’ll see what I mean.

We knew in the primaries that Trump couldn’t run a country and handle international affairs. He was a bully even then. He has always been a bully.

Yet, here we are.

With a leader who has zero self-control and the reemergence of hate groups who, until now, haven’t had permission to lash out at their government and minorities.

Make America Great Again???

I’m still waiting.

I’m not trying to start arguments. I’m not trying to single any one person out. I just beg of you ALL to pull your heads out of the light coming from either the clouds, or the glow of your cell phone, because God needs Christians to see the pain and the darkness that is on the rise, and He desperately needs us do it NOW.

We have GOT to stop being so tied to our ways that we never realize the time is NOW to come together, despite our differences.

Take down the Trump flags. Hang an American one. Pray. Do something to help.

Trump isn’t the one who saves us, but neither will God if we use our faith as a crutch not to care.

We have a huge responsibly in our faith communities. White supremacy and domestic terrorism are getting out of hand.

Praying won’t bring Jesus back.

LIVING by His Word, will.