Caroline Madison is a Nashville-based freelance writer. She writes candidly on Rose-Colored Lenses about the essence of relationships and experiences–capturing the raw truths we have become numbed to and removed from in today’s society–while confronting her own truths with transparency through words and photographs, something she feels is necessary now more than ever amongst today’s heavily-filtered online society.

Real life doesn’t have a filter.

Through the art of storytelling, Caroline captures the emotions involved in life’s beautiful raw truths, something she feels is hard for us all to navigate our way through from time to time. Her belief is that we have to be real with ourselves and each other, adding to our individual portraits the richness of character and the level compassion it takes to light the world around us with the kind of altruistic love and gratitude we need in order to build a better society. Deeply rooted in her desire to reach others, she shares intimate stories, detailing the hardships and triumphs involved in finding the silver-lining. The purpose of this blog is to spark  a conversation and to remove the Rose-Colored Lenses we all habitually look through.